Our Partner Charity

How can you help?

Bundles of Joy is a charity in York which Wydale is proud to partner with.

Bundles exists to help families in need when they have a new born baby.  The charity hopes to share some of the love of Jesus by providing practical support when times can be really tough for young families.  So the charity provides babies supplies, clothes, nappies, baby wipes, creams, toys, baby blankets and Moses baskets and is linked up with needy families via the Besom charity in York and the social services.

Wydale is proud to play a part in this by encouraging our guests to give in some way to this amazing charity.  How might you be involved?

You could make a donation of a Moses basket, some nappies, some baby wipes, some baby clothes or toys

You could join in with the Wydale knitting project.  We knit hundreds of baby blanket sized squares every year at Wydale and volunteers then sew them together into baby blankets which end up in the bundles which are given away. There is always a pot in the Library at Wydale with wool, needles and a pattern so you can do some knitting whilst you are here.  Or download the simple knitting pattern from below and join in from wherever you are.

You can find out more about bundles of joy on their Facebook page here.