Meet Our Staff Team





Helen Lawrence | Assistant Manager

Mark Rance | General Manager

Mark has overall responsibility for managing Wydale, for vision and strategy, for staffing and finance and for ensuring that Wydale sticks to the plan to be a prayerful community renewing the Church’s mission.  Mark was Head of Operations at The Belfrey church in York before becoming General Manager of Wydale in January 2015.

Helen helps with the overall management of Wydale and has specific responsibility for the Wydale programme of events and Wydale finances.  Until answering the call to Wydale in the summer of 2015 Helen ran her own training and development business from York.




.Andrew Lees | Catering Manager
Andrew is the Manager of  our kitchen.  He is responsible for staff in the kitchen, for menu and rota planning, for ensuring that all our systems are compliant and that we have great food safety.  Andrew has held many head cook and management positions in the catering industry, has taught catering for a long time and also runs his own high end home delivery business!

Mandy Gill | Cook
Mandy is a local lady (she's one of the few staff who can walk to work) and spends her days cooking delicious meals for our guests as well as keeping our stocks up to date and the Management Team in order.

Sam Batty | Catering Assistant
Sam is studying for his A Levels, is a keen cricketer and one of the team of casuals who help keep the catering running.

Beryl Cosens | Catering Assistant
Beryl lives locally and has enjoyed catering professionally and for her family for many years - and now she is helping us at Wydale!

Julie Davies | Catering Assistant
Julie is relatively new to the area and to Wydale. She's a powerhouse of serving and we are blessed to have her as part of the team that keep our pots washed and our guests topped up with tea and coffee.

Janet Holt | Catering Assistant
Janet has worked at Wydale for many years.  She's a wonderful cook and she spends many hours washing up and generally looking after our guests.

Lynne Read | Catering Assistant
Lynne helps keep the coffee flowing all day and is great with our guests.  She spends many hours washing up and has a particular ministry of keeping the kitchen sparkling!

Stacey Thompson | Catering Assistant
Stacey is a keen mathamatician and economist, studying for her A levels and living in our local village, Snainton




Jo Bradley, Georgia High, Kate Naylor and Barbara Peel | Housekeepers
We have a wonderful team of people who keep the Wydale rooms spic and span and who manage very quick turn-arounds from one group to the next.

Ken Pickering | Gardener
Ken is our gardener.  He works half the week taming the 14 acres of Wydale land!




Wydale is blessed with many people who help us very regularly by working in a voluntary capacity.  Ann comes for a couple of days a month to help in the office.  Geoff, Pirjo, Zephra and Tricia come and help decorate, Ailsa and Sue garden every week, Anne and Barbara look after our Library,  Diana stocks and cares for our gift stall and Roger is a brilliant weekly handyman volunteer.  The Wydale Oversight and Support Group is a wonderful group of people who help us to manage the affairs of the hall.  Then there are others who are on permanent stand-by for when we need a practical job doing, or some help leading an event, or when we need people to come and pray with guests.  They are all part of the Wydale community. If you would like to volunteer at Wydale please do contact us.