We love to have volunteers at Wydale

Wydale is a busy community and a life-filled, well used centre of prayer and community living. To help keep this going we find joy in relying on volunteers who contribute their time and skills to help maintain our lovely resources and to build up our community here at Wydale. 


We welcome volunteers of all ages from anywhere!


People can volunteer for half a day, a full day, or stay for a few days to work as part of the community. We can’t pay you but we will feed you whilst you are with us and give you free accommodation when you are working at Wydale. 


Why not come and volunteer and help with work in the garden, building maintenance, painting and decorating or pastoral work?

Or just come and do anything that you think will contribute to the community life at Wydale? 

Once a year we hold 'Retreat and Repair' in August when our volunteers come together to work for almost a week, clearing the gardens, painting, sorting, fixing, building and sharing life together.

Occasionally we have people who stay with us for several months at a time, perhaps as a sabbatical or whilst they are in-between phases of life.  if this appeals to you, please do contact us.


You won't be turned away


Are you wanting to Volunteer at Wydale?